Charges will have to be paid in this bank for depositing more than Rs 10,000, know the rules related to it


internet desk. India Post Payment Bank (IPBB) has come up with a new rule. The bank has implemented this rule from January 1, 2022. That account holders will have to pay extra charges for withdrawing and depositing cash more than a certain limit. Earlier, IPPB had implemented doorstep banking rates from the month of August this year. For this, each customer was charged Rs 20. Three types of accounts are opened in IPBB Bank namely Basic Savings Account, Savings Account and Current Account.

* Rules for Current and Savings Account


10,000 if you deposit more than one month in current account and savings account. So you have to pay 25 rupees charge. There is no charge fixed for deposits less than 10,000. Along with this, if you withdraw an amount of 25,000 every month from current account and savings account, then you will not have to pay any charge. But every time you withdraw money after this free limit, you will be charged an extra Rs 25.

* Rules for Basic Savings Account

According to India Post Payment Bank, basic savings account holders can withdraw cash up to 4 times in a month. At the same time, after withdrawing cash more than 4 times, a charge of at least 25 rupees will have to be paid every time. On the other hand, no limit has been kept for depositing money on Basic Savings Account. So you can deposit money as many times as you want.



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