Monday, November 29, 2021
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‘Challenge’ becomes the first film to be shot in space, Tom Cruise behind in the race for space

MOSCOW: Three and a half hours after leaving the International Space Station, the Suez space capsule carrying an astronaut and two Russian filmmakers has safely landed on Earth. According to the information received, the capsule entered the Earth’s atmosphere and landed in Kazakhstan last Sunday at 4.35 pm. Talking about the film, the crew spent 12 days in space to shoot it. It is being told that this is the shooting of the film’s first film and some parts of its story have been shot in the ISS. Let us tell you that the picket from the International Space Center left on Sunday at 1.15 pm international time.


In fact, the space capsule was piloted by astronauts Oleg Novitsky, Yulia Peresid and Klim Shipanko. In fact, actress Peresid and film director Shipenko arrived at the space center on October 5 to shoot parts of the film ‘Challenge’ and stayed there for 12 days. Perseid reportedly plays a surgeon in the film and has to go to the space center to rescue a crew member. On the other hand, the crew member is required to operate immediately in space orbit itself.


Nowitzki, who has been at the space station for more than six months, plays a sick astronaut in the film. Hollywood actor Tom Cruise is said to be the first person to shoot his film ‘Mission Impossible’ in space. He can also go to the space center, although no specific information has been received from him so far. But now ‘Challenge’ has become the first film to be shot in space.




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