CDC’s advice on cloth masks, despite use, can be infected with Omicron in just 15 minutes


New Delhi. Due to the mild symptoms of Omicron and the carelessness of the people, the number of infected people is increasing day by day. The cases of the new variant Omicron of Corona are spreading very fast. To stay away from corona virus, keep the nose and mouth well covered. Scientists say that most people are using masks made of cloth, but this mask is not fully capable of protecting you from the virus. Even with the new variant of the coronavirus, Omicron, you cannot avoid a single layer cloth mask. For this, you should use a surgical mask or a more effective respirator mask with a cloth mask.

* Be sure to wear a disposable mask under a cloth mask


The new guidelines have been issued by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In this, people above 2 years of age have been advised not to go to public places. Especially those who have not had the vaccine. Wear a mask when you go out of the house. The CDC has said that ‘if you are wearing a cloth mask, then definitely wear a disposable mask under it. Reusable masks should be washed daily and disposable masks should be thrown away after one use.

* A cloth mask can infect in 15 minutes


According to the CDC, if an infected person without a mask comes in contact with a person wearing a cloth mask, then he can become corona infected in just 15 minutes. If both people are wearing cloth masks, then it can take 27 minutes for infection to occur. If both people are wearing surgical masks, it may take 30 minutes for the infection to spread. But if both are wearing N95 masks for 2.30 hours you can be safe.

* N95 masks can protect against Omicron

N95 masks are more effective than cloth masks and surgical masks to prevent any virus. It has multiple layer filters and its fitting is also good. N95 masks can protect against up to 95 percent of contaminated particles. The chances of leakage are also very less in these. Its triple layer protection keeps pollution and any virus away. N95 masks are 7 times more effective than cloth masks and 5 times more effective than surgical masks



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