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Causes, symptoms and home remedies for hair break

Sometimes even the smallest thing can get you into a lot of trouble. Yes, you must have always seen that if the hair of the body is pulled and broken, then there is a small pimple which later becomes very big. This problem is known as “boiling”. In such a situation a lot of pain has to be endured. Today we are telling you some ways to get rid of the problem of hair fall.


Add 1 teaspoon of all purpose flour in desi ghee and cook it in the fire and after getting a paste, tie it at the place of hair breakage while sleeping. Hair fall is cured in two days. Mix mustard oil in turmeric and heat it lightly and apply it on the hair breakage area. Rub the bark of people with water and applying this paste on the breakage of hair gets rid of hair breakage within a few days. In the beginning, when the hair breaks, after chewing 15 grains of wheat and applying it on the hair breakage, the hair breaks quickly. Or by grinding neem leaves, hair breakage is also removed.


Soak cotton in flour for 15 to 20 minutes and squeeze the cotton and tie it on the hair breakage area to cure the disease in 3 days. Remove the nail from the breakage area by pressing it lightly. It hurts a bit but removes the nail easily. Then apply turmeric on that place. Instead of breaking the hair in the morning and night, soaking the ground henna and applying a thick paste, the hair breaks quickly.




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