Private sector employees will get a huge increase in salary, know who will get the most benefit


New Delhi: There is good news for the employees working in the private sector (private sector employees). There may be a tremendous increase in their salary next year. The corporate world has increased its workforce by an average of 8 percent in 2021. But Deloitte’s survey showed that the average wage increase for 2022 is likely to go up to 8.6 percent.

Thus, next year private sector employees can get good salary increase. According to the second phase of Deloitte’s Workforce and Wage Growth Trends Survey 2021, 92 percent of companies raised salaries by 8 percent in 2021, compared to just 4.4 percent in 2020. The survey revealed that in 2022, the IT sector is projected to have the highest salary growth. After this there will be an increase in the salary of the employees in the life science sector. Growth in retail, hospitality, restaurants, infrastructure and real estate will be lower. Companies in these sectors can provide minimum wage increase as per the growth of their business.

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In 2020, only 60 percent of companies increased the salaries of employees. The survey started in July. It had more than 450 companies. The survey was previously known to experienced human resource (HR) professionals. 450 companies were included in the survey. According to the survey, companies will continue to differentiate salary increases based on skills and performance.



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