New Delhi: The prices of petrol and diesel are touching the sky every day. Now the prices are increasing day by day. Oil companies today released the rates of petrol and diesel. Today petrol has once again become costlier by 30 paise per liter, yes, but there has been no change in the price of diesel. In the national capital today, the price of petrol has increased to Rs 101.84 and diesel is being sold at Rs 97.45 per liter. Talking about Madhya Pradesh, the price of petrol at Balaghat has gone up to Rs 112.41 per liter.

In fact, after the increase in the price of petrol and diesel in the Indian market last Thursday, the prices remained stable. With this, petrol has reached Rs 101.54 per liter and diesel at Rs 89.87 per liter in Delhi on Friday, July 16. Talking about Mumbai, the prices of petrol are touching the sky here. Actually, petrol in the city has reached Rs 107.54 per liter and diesel at Rs 97.45 per liter.

Congress leader Sachin Pilot has targeted the central government regarding the rising prices of petrol and diesel. “Prices have gone up 66x in the last six months,” he said. At the same time, he questioned that when oil prices are falling in the international market, why is the common man not getting the benefit of oil prices. Let us also tell you that the price of petrol and diesel is updated daily based on the price of crude oil in the international market along with foreign exchange rates. Government oil companies review the prices and fix the prices of petrol and diesel. Every morning, Hindustan Petroleum releases updates and information on Indian Oil and Bharat Petroleum prices for different cities.


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