New Delhi: If you are thinking of starting a job or business, then Tata Group has come up with a great offer for you. Actually, Tata Group’s online pharmacy company 1MG has launched a new program named Swasth Saathi (Saathi of Health). 1MG is starting its expansion across the country. For this the company has started this scheme. Under this you can become a partner of the company.

In this you will get the franchise of the company and you will have to work in your locality. In fact, it is a lead generation program. Under this you will be given an area. You have to connect customers in that area to 1MG. You will be given commission out of 1MG income from these customers. That is, the more customers you add, the more commission you will get. As per the information given on the 1MG website, an investment of Rs. 10,000 to join the program. The special thing is that no pharmacy degree is required to become a partner or take a franchise under this program. In lieu of an amount of Rs. 10,000, the company will give you 1 blood pressure checking machine, 1 sugar checking machine and 500 visiting cards.

If you want to become a partner of 1MG, you have to visit the company’s website Here you will see Lead Generation Partner written. CLICK HERE will be written below it. You’ll need to fill in your information in a new Google Document to click on it. You can also e-mail [email protected] The company representative will then contact you and assist you.

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