New Delhi: Addressing a press conference on Tuesday, yoga guru Baba Ramdev said that his Ayurvedic company Patanjali has challenged the monopoly of foreign companies. He said that we have to make a big contribution to the country in the field of health and agriculture. Yoga guru Ramdev said, “I am very proud to say that we started teaching yoga with two people and today people are doing yoga in 200 countries of the world.”

Baba Ramdev said that along with economic development, we have given spiritual equality to the country. Patanjali aims to achieve spiritual and economic growth. Ramdev said that we bought a sick company. Patanjali bought the company by making the highest bid. It was bid by 18 foreign and Indian companies. Patanjali bought the interested Soya with the highest bid of Rs 4,300 crore, followed by 24.4 per cent growth at Rs 163.18 crore with an annual turnover of Rs.

He further said that Patanjali is going to overtake Unilever in 2025 to become a major player not only in India but in the world in FMCG and other sectors. It’s not just a company, it’s going to be a movement, not just a brand. Swami Ramdev said that now our focus is on research. Ramdev said that Patanjali has given employment to five lakh people of the country so far and will provide new employment opportunities.


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