Avoid being a victim of financial fraud like this…


Are you also getting calls in the name of corona test? There are calls to win lakhs of rupees in lottery. Loan offers on credit cards are on the rise. If so, be careful. Many similar phone calls are deceiving people. Many people save their passwords on their mobile phones. They also save the PIN in the phone list. If you also make such mistake then be careful. Otherwise your bank account can also be hacked. If this kind of accident happens to you, then know what you should do.

Increasing online fraud:-
According to the Unisys Security Index 2020 report, bank card fraud cases are the highest. Cases of card detail theft and online shopping fraud are on the rise.

Do not save password:-
To avoid this type of fraud, do not save password in mobile. Avoid saving passwords on mail as well. Do not save the PIN of the card in the phone list at all. Do not share your debit card PIN with anyone.

Fraud Strategy:-
Such fraudsters send fake corona test calls. Such calls come from fake customer care. These calls come in the name of cashback and free recharge. Never click on unknown links to avoid this type of fraud. Beware of fake mails and SMS. Do not share details in view of the offer. Never tell anything to OTP, CVV. Do not share ATM PIN.

Be careful on social media:-
Do not immediately accept anonymous requests on social media. Become a friend only by checking all the details. When in doubt, block immediately. Beware of fake customer care. Take the number from the official portal only. Do not give any personal information. Do not give details of past transactions. Check number online.

Local Circle Survey Report:-
It may be recalled that a recent survey in the country has revealed that in most of the cases, we ourselves report the frauds. According to a report by Source Local Circles Survey, 29% of people report an ATM PIN family. At the same time, 4% of people inform the ATM PIN to the staff. 33% of individuals keep bank accounts, debit/credit card details, ATM passwords on mobile. 11% people enter ATM PIN, card number, password in mobile contact list. Avoid doing all this and stay safe.


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