Amazon fined so many million for data law violation


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Amazon has been fined $886.6m (£636m) for allegedly breaking EU data protection laws. The fine was issued by Luxembourg’s National Data Protection Commission, which claimed that the tech giant’s processing of personal data does not comply with EU law. Amazon said it considers the fine “without merit”, adding that it will defend itself “vigorously”. A spokesperson told the BBC that “there has been no data breach”.

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules require companies to seek public consent before using their personal data or impose heavy fines. Luxembourg’s data protection authority, also known as the Commission Nationale Po la Protection des Donnies (CNPD), issued a fine to Amazon on July 16, according to a US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing by the company on Friday. .

In response, Amazon said: “We believe that the CNPD’s decision is without merit and intend to vigorously defend itself in this matter.” The fine comes after growing regulatory scrutiny from big tech companies over concerns over privacy and misinformation, as well as complaints from some businesses that the tech giants abused their market power. Amazon is by no means the first major company to violate the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but the fine is the largest since the law came into force in 2018 – and by a very significant margin.


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