Gold futures closed higher on Thursday. On Thursday, gold also went above Rs 48,500 per 10 grams on intra-day. Gold was trading today at Rs 48,300 with a slight weakness of Rs 100. Gold has become costlier by Rs 500 per 10 grams so far this week.

Gold moves this week (July 12-16)
Day – Gold (MCX August Futures)
Monday – 47774/10 grams
Tuesday – 47889/10 grams
Wednesday – 48299/10 grams
Thursday – 48400/10 grams
Friday – 48306/10 grams (Trading in progress)

Gold cheaper than the highest level by about Rs 7900:-
Last year, due to the Corona crisis, people had invested heavily in gold, the price of 10 grams of gold on MCX touched a high of Rs 56,191 in August 2020. August futures on MCX Rs 48,300 per 10 grams, which is still getting cheaper around Rs 7900

MCX Silver :-
Silver September futures on Thursday rose to Rs 69889 per kg in intraday, which finally closed with a strength of Rs 280 at Rs 69,680 per kg. Silver futures are still showing a depth of around Rs 100 today. Silver has become expensive this week. So far around Rs 400 per kg. But even once the closing has not exceeded Rs 70,000.

Rise in silver this week:-
Day – Silver (September MCX – Futures)
Monday – 69375/kg
Tuesday – 69081/kg
Wednesday – 69619/kg
Thursday – 69681/kg
Friday – 69780/kg (Trading in progress)

Silver cheaper by Rs 10,280 from its highest level:-
Silver has touched an all-time high of Rs 79,980 per kg. According to this, silver has also become cheaper by about Rs 105.80 from its highest level. Silver July futures are today at Rs 69,700 per kg.


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