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Bollywood Gossip: Shatrughan Sinha’s reaction on Aryan Khan drugs case

Aryan, son of Bollywood film actor Shahrukh Khan, was arrested by the NCB in a drug case. Now after about a month, Aryan is back at home. Bollywood stars had come out in support of Shah Rukh Khan ever since Aryan was arrested in a drug case, while someone reacted sharply. Now Shatrughan Sinha’s reaction has come on this. He has said that he is happy that his three children Sonakshi, Luv and Kush do not consume drugs.

In an interview, Shatrughan Sinha also discussed Aryan Khan’s arrest by NCB. He also said that it is challenging for stars to show the right direction to their children. He said, “Whether it is a challenge or not, it should be. I believe that from the very beginning I preach and practice. I run an anti-tobacco campaign. I always say no to drugs.”

Shatrughan Sinha further said, “Today I consider it lucky in this matter that I have children Luv, Kush and daughter Sonakshi. I can say very strongly about these children that they have been brought up so well that They never heard or seen or found or do anything in any kind of habit or such matter. are or are not making a mistake.They should eat together with their children at least once.




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