Bollywood Gossip: Shahrukh Khan hid behind an umbrella to avoid photographers


Actor Shah Rukh Khan has been seen avoiding the media and his fans after the Aryan Khan drug case. They have rarely been seen so far. Last Sunday, Shah Rukh Khan’s team was also spotted at Mumbai’s Kali Airport. An upcoming report states that Shah Rukh Khan has returned to Mumbai in his private jet after finishing a meeting in Delhi. Although Shahrukh Khan was not seen during this, but 2 people were seen hiding behind a black umbrella and going to sit in the car. It is being said that Shahrukh Khan did not want the photographer to click his photo. Due to this, Shahrukh Khan asked his security guards for a black umbrella.

Shahrukh Khan was not alone during this time as 2 people were hiding in the car behind this umbrella. It is not yet known who was the other person in the car with Shahrukh Khan. Shahrukh Khan has so far denied talking to anyone on drugs. On the other hand, a new Special Investigation Team has been transferred to NCB to probe Aryan Khan’s controversial drugs case. You must be aware that Shahrukh Khan’s son was involved in a controversial drug case and returned home after 28 days.

According to some reports, Shah Rukh Khan left for Mumbai from Delhi on 6 November and returned from Delhi to Mumbai the next day on 7 November. According to reports, Shahrukh reached Kali Airport in Mumbai and did not get a glimpse of him from there. It is being said that Shahrukh Khan had gone to Delhi to complete the meeting.



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