Bollywood actress will shift to Mumbai after Diwali


Renowned entertainment actress Sanjana Sanghi has recently taken up a new home in Mumbai. Sanjana Sanghi has decided to shift to a new house after Diwali. Sanjana says that she wanted to shift before Diwali but finishing work was left in the house which took time to complete. She will now shift to a new house after Diwali. Sanjana is very excited and happy about her new home.

The same Sanjana says that shifting to a new house becomes special, especially when you have been living in the same city for a long time along with work. Actress Sanjana Sanghi has been circling between Delhi and Mumbai for a long time. Sanjana says that she has been living in Mumbai since graduation but now she has a place where she can call him home.


She also tells that in the kind of working life we ​​lead, it is very important to have our own home. The comfort of your home comes with a lot of hardships after a hard day’s work. She says that there are enough rooms in her house that if her parents or someone else comes, she can live comfortably. Sanjana is very excited about shifting to the new house. Sanjana said that after two years there will be a place in this city which I can call my home.



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