BMW Launches 590km High Range And Great Looking Luxury Car In India, Know Price And Features


i4 Electric Sedan In India: Electric cars have many options in India with premium and classy looks, to join the same another car is claiming its range and being super stylish. Talking about luxury cars in India, another new electric car has landed and this time it is from German luxury car maker BMW. The brand has launched its third electric car in India after iX and Mini Electric. The BMW car is the i4 Electric Sedan and it is the first of its kind in India. What is most worth noting here is that the car has a range of 590km which the i4 with its staggering 83.9 kWh battery pack offers on a single charge.

The i4 Electric Sedan is stunning in style

Obviously, this car is based on the i4 3 Series, but it gets a sportier design and coupe-like styling, which makes it more different than the standard 3 Series. In appearance, this car looks quite attractive and lively. The i4 Electric Sedan has been given exclusive styling that marks it as an ‘i’ product or EV within the BMW range. In this, you can get to see flush door handles and special blue color tones at the front.

Special wheels increase range:

The wheels are also different due to the new Aero Special Wheel which improves the range. The interiors get the latest idrive Infotainment System while the new 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and the larger 14.9-inch touchscreen infotainment system. Other luxury features include a sunroof, three zone climate control system, ambient lighting, 17-speaker Harman Kardon audio system and more. The i4 electric sedan gets a single rear axle motor that makes 340hp and 430Nm and top speed is limited to 190km/h.

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Charges up to 80% in 30 minutes:

This is the i4 eDrive 40 which boasts of a tremendous range of 590km and let you know, this is the highest range ever in EVs and a fast DC charger can charge it up to 10-80% in just 31 minutes. The car will come with an 11kW charger as standard.

How much will the i4 Electric Sedan cost?

The i4 Electric Sedan is priced at Rs.69.90 lakhs and this also makes it very competitive as this EV is the most efficient car till date and the special thing is that it is considered to be much more affordable than other luxury EVs. is.


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