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Before the death of the girlfriend, the lover got married in the ICU, this love story will make you emotional

London: A man’s girlfriend died in a car accident in Britain. The young man had promised to marry his girlfriend. But before that the girl had a painful accident. However, when the injured girl was admitted to the hospital after the accident, the man appealed to the doctors and married her there. He wanted to see his girlfriend as his wife. The man has explained his love story in detail.

According to the report, 34-year-old gym manager Greg Peters and 28-year-old Anna Ledger were deeply in love with each other. The two met 18 months ago but were very close to each other. They were planning a wedding. Both were convinced. But a tragic accident changed everything. One day, on the way to work, Anna Ledger’s car collided with another vehicle. The accident was so painful that there were many serious injuries on Anna’s body. He was taken to the hospital. Where family members were also present along with boyfriend Greg Peters. Everyone was praying for his greetings, but his faith was something else.

The doctors said that Anna would have to be shifted to the ICU, as his condition was deteriorating. Anna had gone into a coma. Greg was extremely upset to learn that he didn’t want to lose Anna. Greg wanted to see Anna as his wife. So that Anna as a wife will always be in his memories. So Greg appealed to the doctors, but they refused. However, in the end, seeing Greg’s love and mood, they agree. In the presence of Anna and her family, Greg calls his girlfriend and makes Anna his wife. After some time, Anna died. Some of his organs were donated with the consent of the family. Who gave new life to 6 people.




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