Before Buy New Car Check Out These 10 Seafty Features


Before Buy New Car Check Out These 10 Seafty Features

Car Safety Features: When we plan to buy a car, we need to take care of many things. We spend our lakhs of rupees in buying a car. That’s why we should also do safety information in the car. Here we are giving you complete information about which safety features are necessary in the car.

Dual Front Airbags: Airbags are very important in a car. Airbags protect the driver and co-diver from injury during an accident.

Seat Belt Pre-tensioner: A seat belt pre-tensioner is necessary for the passenger to remain in his place after the seat belt is installed. This is necessary so that the position of the passenger does not change when the brakes are applied suddenly.

Speed ​​Sensing Door Lock: Many times we forget to lock the gate after sitting in the car. So the job of speed sensing door lock is that when the car reaches a certain speed, the doors are automatically locked.

reverse parking sensor Reverse parking sensor is very useful when we have to park the car in very small space. It alerts the driver if something happens behind the car while the car is parked.

ABS-EBD: This is an essential feature related to braking for any car. It is not present in most of the cars sold in India. Antilock braking system ie ABS prevents the wheels of the car from locking when the car brakes suddenly so that the car remains in control.

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