Monday, November 29, 2021
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Awareness against open defecation

Bhopal: To discourage women from open defecation, Bhopal district administration on Tuesday organized a unique run ‘Lota Run’ in Phanda village of Madhya Pradesh to spread awareness about open defecation among the people. The aim of all the mother-in-law involved in this unique initiative of the administration is to stop their daughters-in-law from defecating in the open.

The district administration on Tuesday took an initiative to discourage women from defecating in the open when 18 elderly women in the village’s Phanda Kala village with pots of water in their hands ran to send a note to their daughters-in-law to stop them. from using the toilet.

This event was organized to make people aware about the use of toilets. Earlier there were no bathrooms, so the mother-in-law used to go to the fields. Now those mothers claim that I have built a toilet in the house and the government is providing water.

The winner of Lata Daud was chosen on the basis of the amount of water left in the pot after the race. Local resident Tara Prajapati said the winner threw the pot at the finish line, sending a message to the entire community that they no longer needed to carry these pots of water for defecation in open spaces.




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