TVS is going to launch its new model scooter on October 7, know what is the specialty


The Ola electric scooter just went on sale in India, and the company’s shopping page was quickly flooded with reservations. The demand for the Ola S1 electric scooter is so strong that the business has claimed that it has sold scooters worth Rs 1,100 crore just two days after the start of sales.

Undoubtedly, the numbers speak for themselves, and the demand for Ola electric scooters is immense. However, with so many scooters sharing space on public roads, it’s unclear if the business plans to service the S1 line, especially since it has developed a new line of sights to meet the after-sales needs of its customers. Have not disclosed any dedicated dealership or approved repair center.

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When a well-known news organization tried to contact an Ola Electric representative, they were redirected to the company’s official website, which provides some insight on the situation. Apart from giving information on where and how to buy the scooter, online booking/delivery of Ola S1 series, the firm has also stated on its website that regular maintenance check-up and servicing of the user will be conducted at their doorstep.

Ola S1/Ola S1 Pro is an AI-powered smart car that uses predictive maintenance to eliminate the need for regular scheduled maintenance every 3 to 6 months. When something on your scooter needs to be replaced or serviced, you can arrange door-to-door service using the Ola Electric app.

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According to the official website of Ola Electric, if the diagnosis requires more than a home visit, we will arrange to pick up your car and return it when necessary repairs are completed. While the business has not released specific figures, it is safe to assume that Ola has sold enough scooters to justify its original production capacity (2 million units) at its Tamil Nadu facility based on first-hand feedback.

Now it will be interesting to see how Ola plans to meet the after-sales needs of the customers, especially considering the fact that it needs to meet the demand of each and every customer at home.

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