This company will convert your old petrol scooter into ‘electric scooter’, that too very cheaply


Bengaluru: If you have any old petrol powered scooter, then this news is for you. Amidst the tremendous demand for electric scooters across the world, some startup companies in Bengaluru have taken a unique initiative to convert old petrol scooters into electric scooters. Looks like it doesn’t cost much.

Bounce, a startup providing ride-sharing services in Bengaluru, has launched a similar initiative. The company converts any old internal connectivity engine (petrol) scooter into an electric motor and electric scooter with a battery (retrofit kit). The company charges only Rs. 20,000 for this. Bounce co-founder Vivekananda Halekre told the media, “So far we have made more than 1000 old petrol scooter electric scooters. The company is also going to start a service center for these scooter owners. Once fully charged with the battery kit that comes in this scooter, the scooter runs up to 65 km. The kit has been certified by the Automotive Research Association of India.

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However, after the bounce, several companies have now come up with such kits, including Atrio and Meladth Auto Components. According to the report, Meladth is gearing up to launch an Easy Hybrid kit that can easily convert any old petrol scooter into an electric key/hybrid scooter. If it does, the scooter can be operated in any mode of petrol or electric as per the requirement.



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