Tesla may soon release an electric car worth Rs 18 lakh

Tesla vehicles, known for their Autopilot capabilities, continue to attract attention for their ever-evolving driver-assistance technology. Their vehicles are known to have advanced autopilot or remote driving techniques that allow users to operate them without getting behind the wheel. However, if recent events are any indication, things are very likely to change.

The electric transportation behemoth now intends to make driving completely autonomous. According to reports, Tesla CEO Elon Musk discussed plans to sell an electric car without steering wheel for $25,000 (Rs 18 lakh) with his staff. Last year, during the Tesla Battery Day event, Musk promised that the EV (electric vehicle) maker would produce a $25,000 car that would be completely self-driving.

He clarified that Tesla’s new battery cell and battery production efforts, which could cut battery costs by more than half, account for the new pricing point. The $25,000 automobile, informally nicknamed the ‘Tesla Model 2’, has been compared to a new electric hatchback that Tesla intends to build at the Gigafactory Shanghai in China and export internationally.


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