Paris sets a speed limit of 30 kmph on city roads


Paris is known around the world as the city of love and passion, and the authorities here want to make sure that tourists can take their time and enjoy the sights and sounds while staying safe. No wonder a new rule has lowered the maximum speed limit to 30 kmph in most areas of the French capital. .

French authorities imposed a new speed restriction in most parts of the capital city, which went into effect Monday, according to local media. Any violation of this or other traffic rules will attract heavy fines including monetary fines as well as points to be removed from the driver’s license.

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Within city limits, Paris has always had a strictly enforced speed restriction. For example, the important Peripheric Ring Road has a speed restriction of 70 kmph. The speed restrictions which are clearly stated are intended to help pedestrians as well as reduce the number of accidents and noise pollution.

Many major European cities have implemented regulations ranging from designated cycle lanes for not entering important districts and charging tolls for motor vehicle entry into specified areas.



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