Mahindra India-owned Pininfarina has signed a long-term agreement with electric vehicle start-up Hercules to bring its 1,000 HP Alpha electric pickup truck and other futuristic products. Hercules reports that the Alpha pickup will be available by the end of 2022. The specifications of the Hercules electric pickup are yet to be revealed. The EV has revealed that 1,000 horsepower will be delivered via a torque-vectoring four-motor drive system.

Pininfarina will then also provide design ideas for their vehicles to showcase the EVs. Explaining why the EV start-up chose Pininfarina, Hercules founder and CEO James Breuer said, “We wanted to engage the best in our alpha to create a truly unique and different product.”

Pininfarina is known for its design and its performance. It lists power performance vehicles like Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo. Over nine decades, Pininfarina has designed over 1,200 vehicles. “We are excited to be working with Hercules on the design of a new electric vehicle,” said Giuseppe Bonolo, Pininfarina’s SVP of Sales and Marketing. He said, “We have brought with us this new venture… our ability to develop a new design language taking into account our customer’s brand identity and our shared commitment to environmental sustainability.”

EV start-up Hercules was founded in 2018 by James Breuer, simply to build eco-friendly vehicles.


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