The Maharashtra government decided to revise the EV policy with an investment of ₹930 crore. Under the newly announced Electric Vehicle Policy, the state government aims to electrify 10% of the new vehicle fleet by 2025.

Officials have suggested 25% electrification in public transport and last mile delivery vehicles under this policy. This will be done in five target urban clusters, with this revised EV policy increasing demand for electric vehicles and improving supply as well as through incentives. It will be valid till 31 March 2025. The state government hopes that encouraging production will encourage automakers to focus on EV manufacturing. By 2025 at least 10% two-wheelers, 20% three-wheelers and 5% four-wheelers will be electric vehicles, this policy will be well run. The policy will subsidize the first 100,000 electric two-wheelers. Buyers of these 100,000 e-2W will be eligible to receive an incentive of ₹5,000 per kWh for battery capacity up to ₹10,000. The maximum limit of incentive has been increased from ₹5,000. Not only this, buyers will then be eligible to avail a total benefit of ₹ 25,000 for the electric two-wheeler if it is purchased this year and if it comes with a 3 kWh battery pack.

The EV policy of the Government of Maharashtra will accelerate the adoption of BEVs in the state. The aim of the policy is not only to promote electric vehicle production and sales, but also to emphasize the need for batteries for electric vehicles. It aims to set up at least one gigafactory for manufacturing advanced chemical cell batteries. The revised Maharashtra EV policy comes just a month after the Gujarat government introduced its EV policy in June 2021.


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