Kia unveils new 2021 Sportage: targeted at European markets

After the massive success in Korea, Kia’s sport utility vehicle (SUV) model Sportage will target the European car markets. On 26 August, Kia unveiled a teaser for the upcoming Sportage GT range. The European-spec New Sportage is said to be slightly smaller than the US variant.

In addition, the body design has been improved. According to a rendering image published by Kia, the fog lamps and air intake hole have been aggressively cut, and the rear door has been lowered. The quarter glass has also been removed. Though the interior design hasn’t been revealed, it is believed to be similar to the Korean model. The new Sportage will also feature a hi-tech system, a quick-response powertrain and state-of-the-art safety technologies.

It is expected that the New Sportage: a power train with gasoline engines (150hp / 180hp) and plug-in hybrid (230hp / 265hp) in European-spec, and a four-wheel drive model and front-wheel added mild hybrid system will be. Drive model will be given. The new Sportage will be launched in Europe on September 1 and will be officially sold in 2022. An electric vehicle version of the New Sportage will also be released in 2023. Prices start at £20,000 (approximately 30 million Won).


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