Junaid Khan launches India’s first car themed showroom in Kolkata – Automate!

Automate is a company that provides its customers with fulfillment and an immersive transportation experience they have never experienced before. They have the expertise to deliver vehicles to the customer and allow them to host one gathering and participate in another, turning a club in their display area. Junaid Khan started this association keeping in mind the imaginations of car lovers. He sees a lot of dreams in his daily life and wants to fulfill them by trying hard and chasing them.

Dreams are just the objectives that Junaid Khan tries to fulfill every day. He has withdrawn from purpose and is thus at a stage where he believes that fantasies are the forces of life. Automate’s display area is entrepreneur Junaid Khan’s fantasy project and is unique. It makes the vehicle experience of a vehicle astonishing and significant as it has become an inspiration to admire, a fun and party time with people, peers and family around. They understand that the vehicle they are transporting is someone’s imagination, a purpose that one is constantly thinking of fulfilling. Junaid Khan has often seen that people get really happy and excited while driving their vehicles. He wants the vehicle to be paramount for people to value it later.

He sees people buying expensive vehicles so that they can burn off their every deep-rooted savings and have their own little glimpse of heaven. They have also observed the presence of the child happily while riding in the rear seating arrangement of the vehicle, either going to the daily schedule, they normally participate in the ride while it moves. Junaid Khan acknowledges that each excursion should be appreciated and kept vital in our souls. According to CEO Junaid Khan, Automat respects the imaginations of others, which is why they started this start-up to let people know that their ventures are great and every penny will pay them off.


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