India will present Asia’s first hybrid car, ready to rule the Indian skies


Instead of squeezing through never-ending traffic on the way to work, Indians will soon be able to reach their destinations comfortably in cities thanks to flying hybrid vehicles. On Monday, Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia tweeted that a young team from a Chennai-based company showed him a concept model of Asia’s first hybrid flying car.

Scindia expressed hope that in the near future flying vehicles will be used for transporting people and goods as well as for medical emergency services. Vinata Aeromobility, based in Chennai, is set to unveil its self-driving hybrid flying car on October 5 at Excel, the world’s largest helitech exhibition in London.

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Vinata’s hybrid flying automobile incorporates digital instrument panels with artificial intelligence, to make flight and vehicle more enjoyable and convenient. Business-wise, their flying automobile is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and has a GPS tracker and entertainment onboard. The panoramic glass canopy gives a 300-degree view from the flying car. Hybrid flying vehicles from Vinata Aeromobility are designed for two passengers and have a top speed of 100-120 km/h.

The highest service ceiling is 3,000 feet, and the longest flight time is said to be 60 minutes. The ejection parachute is incorporated with the hybrid flying vehicle. The flying automobile has a cockpit with a parachute and airbags. Urban air mobility (UAM) is projected to become a fact in the United States and Europe in the next few years. In Japan, Boeing and Airbus have teamed up to make flying taxis a reality. Lockheed Martin and Uber are set to make significant headway in this direction as well.

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