Face ID, fingerprint sensor on cars, Genesis brings smartphone-like technology


Genesis has revealed the creation of a new smart car technology that is equivalent to the Face ID technology used in smart phones. Face Connect technology can recognize faces, open doors without using smart keys, and more.

According to Genesis, the new technology will allow consumers to personalize their automobiles for a better driving experience. Once a driver is recognized by Face Connect technology, it will sync with their profile and modify the driver’s seat and steering wheel as well as HUD, side mirrors and infotainment settings based on their individual preferences.

The technology uses near-infrared cameras to ensure facial recognition in any conditions, including darkness, and to determine whether a face is already registered in the system. Thanks to technology, drivers will no longer need to carry their smart keys with them at all times. If the smart key is left in the vehicle, the vehicle can be locked using facial ID technology.

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According to Genesis, each vehicle’s Face Connect system can store up to two faces. According to Origin, the registered faces are encrypted and kept securely in the car without any security concerns. They can also be deleted by the driver at any time, and new profiles can be created with the help of the voice assistant.

If Face ID isn’t enough, Origin also includes a fingerprint authentication mechanism, similar to what you’ll find on a smartphone. It can help drivers gain complete control over their car by using biometric data instead of a smartphone or smart key.

Anyone registered for both these systems can use facial recognition to access the vehicle and fingerprint recognition to steer it. In-vehicle payment and wallet mode release can also be done using fingerprint authentication. Genesis has said that it intends to incorporate these new technologies into its upcoming GV60 model, which is to be released soon.

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