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Auto News- This electric cruiser motorcycle will run 250 km on a single charge

The prices of petrol and diesel are increasing day by day in the country and the general public is very upset due to their increasing prices and fed up with this, people have now turned their attitude towards electric motor cycles and cars and the market of these bikes is also this. Time is hot. In view of this, all the motor bike companies are now bringing new electric bikes in the market. in this line

Komaki Electric Vehicles has finally revealed the first glimpse of its much awaited electric cruiser motorcycle. Which is made in India and it is completely an electric motorcycle. So far the company has not given any information about the price of these bikes. If the reports are to be believed, then the company will give information about their price on January 16.


If we talk about the bike, then it is called Komaki Ranger., Because it is built on cruiser design basis, Which is very beautiful to look at and looks like Bajaj Avenger.


The company has kept its style very beautiful., You will understand only by seeing that. The motorcycle gets a glossy chrome garnish, Hence it looks like a retro-style round LED headlamp. Apart from this, there are two round auxiliary lamps along with headlamps in chrome garnish. There are also retro-themed side indicators on either side of these headlamps. Handlebar in Komaki Ranger Bajaj Avenger, single-pod instrument cluster, The fuel tank has a lot to offer with the bright chrome-adorned display.

It is being said that it can run 250 km on a single charge. Apart from this, cruise control in the bike, repair switch, reverse switch, There are features like Bluetooth and advanced braking system.




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