Astro Gyan: These important precautions should be taken during the fast in Chhath Puja


Chhath festival is associated with the faith of crores of people. It is customary to worship Lord Surya in the month of Kartik. There is a special tradition of this worship of Shukla Paksha on the sixth day. The worship mainly started from Bihar and Jharkhand which has now spread to the country and abroad. Since King Karna of Anga Desh was a worshiper of the Sun God, the special impact of sun worship as a practice is visible in the region. In the month of Kartik, the Sun is in its debilitated sign, so special worship of Sun God is done so that there are no health-related problems. The sixth date is related to the age of the child, so both the worship of Sun God and Shashthi protects the child and protects his life. Sun worship this month can scientifically maintain a better level of our energy and health.


What are the benefits of Chhath Puja or Vrat?
People who do not have children or who have children repeatedly, such people get wonderful benefits from this fast. This fast is beneficial even if there is trouble from the child side. Keeping this fast is auspicious even if there is leprosy or serious problems with the digestive system. Those people whose position of Sun is bad in their horoscope or there is any problem with the state, such people must also keep this fast.


What are the precautions in fasting?
This fast is of utmost purity and integrity. Cleanliness should be taken care of. If even one person observes Chhath fast in the house, then everyone else will have to follow integrity and cleanliness. Be sure to check your health status before fasting.



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