Astro Gyan: From economic benefits to business benefits, do these measures


Today we are going to tell you a very easy solution.

For wealth and prosperity: In the evening, while contemplating Goddess Lakshmi, donate a broom in the temple.


For job-business: Worship the mother on this day and offer 10 fruits and distribute it among the poor.

For salvation from the court-government: Light a lamp under the Shami tree.
For business: On Dussehra, wrap a coconut in a yellow cloth 1.25 meters and offer it along with Janeu and 250 grams of sweets in any nearby Ram temple.


For good health: To remove disease or suffering, take a coconut with full water and sprinkle it on yourself 21 times and put it in the fire of Ravana Dahan.

For economic benefits: Feed gram flour ladoos to the dog daily for 43 consecutive days.

To get rid of the crisis: Organize the Sunderkand story.

For positive energy, sprinkle a piece of alum from all the members of the house and while meditating on the presiding deity, throw it from behind you on the terrace or a secluded place.



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