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Astro Gyan: Chanting these miraculous mantras of Lord Ganesha will remove all the troubles

Ganesha is also called Vighnaharta in Sanatan Dharma. Ganesh ji fulfills every wish of his devotees. If Ganesha is worshiped wholeheartedly, he removes all the troubles and obstacles of the devotees. No auspicious work is complete without worshiping Ganesha. If Ganapati is not worshipped then any Ganesha worship is also incomplete. Therefore, worship of Ganapati on Wednesday has special significance. If worshiped on this day according to the law, Ganapati is soon pleased. That is why many Ganesh Mantras have been mentioned to please Lord Ganapati quickly, whose devotees chant with full heart on Wednesday, then every problem gets resolved. Let us know the mantras to please Ganesha.

Tantric Ganesh Mantra:- Om Udhas Gauri Putra, Vakratunda, Ganpati Guru Ganesha. Sad Ganapati, Riddha husband, perfect husband. My tax is out of trouble.

It has been told in astrology that after worshiping Mahadev, Mata Parvati and Ganesha on Wednesday morning, this holy mantra should be chanted 108 times. Chanting this mantra removes all the problems of life. Remember one thing: When you chant this mantra, the devotee needs to have complete integrity. Also, keep in mind that they should stay away from meat, alcohol and anger.

Ganesh Gayatri Mantra: – Om Ekdantay Vidmahe Vakratunday Dhimhi Tanno Buddhist Pradhyaya.

Chanting this mantra on Wednesday also fulfills all the wishes. This mantra of Ganesh ji is also chanted 108 times. It is said that this mantra should be chanted to please Ganesha soon. Chanting Ganesh Gayatri Mantra for 11 days removes all the problems of life.

Ganesh Kuber Mantra :- Om Namo Ganapataye Kuber Yekadriko Fataswaha.

If a person chants Ganesh Kuber Mantra on Wednesday, then with the effect of this mantra, all the problems related to money from life are removed. Regular chanting of this mantra gives freedom from debt and new sources of wealth are also created.




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