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Aryan Khan’s troubles will increase, important pictures of Red Day and WhatsApp chat surfaced

There have been many big revelations in the Aryan drug case, meanwhile Kiran Gosavi and Manish can be clearly seen in all the pictures of Red Day. At the same time, a conversation between Prabhakar Cell and Gosavi has also come to the fore. Gosavi is asking Prabhakar to go somewhere in the chat. At the same time, a WhatsApp chat between Kiran Gosavi and Prabhakar Cell has also surfaced. This chat is from 3rd October. Gosavi is ordering SAIL to go somewhere. Not only this, Gosavi told Prabhakar that he was also asking to close the door and throw the key inside the window.


BJP leader Mohit Kamboj has made a big claim in Aryan Khan case by tweeting a video today. He posted the video and wrote the sting operation of Notary Ramji Gupta. Ramji said that Prabhakar cell has done all this for Kiran Gosavi’s money. He is clearly saying that Mian Nawab and Manoj are behind this. According to Mohit Kamboj, this is the string of a notary man named Ramji Gupta. In which he is saying that Prabhakar cell had demanded money from Kiran Gosavi. Because he had a bodyguard and all this has happened to him, the authenticity of this sting operation is not confirmed by ‘Newstreak’. But the sting operation Prabhakar is interrogating the cell.


NCP leader Nawab Malik has made serious allegations against Sameer Wankhede. He tweeted and complained about an employee of NCB. It accused several officials including the then NCB chief Rakesh Asthana, KPS Malhotra and Sameer Wankhede of extortion by making fake cases. Also, the letter alleges harassment and extortion of Bollywood actor and actress by NCB and Sameer Wankhede for misusing their position.




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