7th Pay Commission: Will the method of salary calculation change after 7th Finance Commission, know the benefits or disadvantages for the employees


7th Pay Commission: There may be a bumper increase in the salary of all the employees from July 1 because the DA of the employees is going to increase from July 1. It is almost fixed. Therefore, till now the employees who were getting DA at the rate of 34 percent will increase to 38 percent. This means that the government is going to increase the dearness allowance by a full 4 percent.

Know new update
This news may prove to be good news for government employees, but according to some media reports, the government is now going to end the changes made through this Finance Commission to increase the salary. and apply a new method. According to the latest media reports, the Central Government is preparing to bring a new formula of salary for the employees by ending the process of increase till the 7th Pay Commission itself. You also know it…

What will be the new salary formula
Modi government can now consider a new formula instead of bringing a new pay commission.
This will increase the basic salary every year and it will be extended till 2024. Can be implemented.
After the introduction of this formula, 8th Pay Commission is less expected.
It is called ‘automatic pay revision’ can be named and will have a fixed formula.
Under this, if there is 50 percent DA, the salary will be increased automatically.

What will happen in the new formula
Aykroyd formula can be brought for increase in the salary of central employees. In this, the salary of the employees will be linked to inflation, cost of living and performance of the employee. After estimating all this, it will be decided how much to increase the salary.

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understand it in simple words
If you want to understand it in simple words, then the central government wants to work on the formula of increasing salary on the basis of performance of government employees like private companies. It is believed that for this the plan can be brought soon and discussions are going on at various levels. Based on the news, it can be said that the minimum salary of a central employee with pay level matrix 1 to 5 can be between Rs 21.

what are the indications from the government
However, let us tell you that no official statement or confirmation has been given by the government about this. The central government currently has 68 lakh employees and 52 lakh pensioners.


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