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7th Pay Commission Latest News DA Hike Latest News 2022: Central government employees could receive an enormous present. An increase in the dearness allowance for government employees could be announced starting July 1st 2022. Due to the increasing cost of living in the country, EMI getting expensive, the Modi government will raise the dearness allowances of central employees.

In the past, it was thought that the allowance for dearness was to be increased in increments of 4 percent. However, after the most recent report of the All India Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers it is anticipated that the dearness allowance could be raised in the amount of 5 percent.

Central employees currently receive an allowance for dearness of 34 percent. It was anticipated to increase by 38 percent. It is now thought that the allowance for dearness is expected to be raised by 5 percent, and could be increased up to 39 percent. Estimates are being prepared in light of the results from the All-India Consumer Price Index for April.

Given the growing rates of inflation in the country it is speculated that during the month of July the authorities will raise the amount of Dearness Allowance (DA). If this is the case it will result in a massive rise in the salaries of central employees could be feasible. In the event that the Dearness Allowance for central employees increases by 39 percent from 34 percent it could boost the pay of central employees by Rs 8000 to Rs 27,000.

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According to the information the result of this decision by the central government is the equivalent of 47 million employees as well as the pensioners of 68 million. Overall, it appears that there is an increase in the dearness allowances starting on January 1 to July 1 in this situation, during July’s time, the central employees will be able to enjoy the joy of the season.

We will tell us that our central government changes DA and DR two times a year in the months of January and July , on the basis of data on retail inflation. The inflation rate in India is now higher than the forecasts of the RBI. Retail inflation is now above the threshold set by RBI of 6 percent. Retail inflation was 7.04 percentage in May. This is close to 16 percent based upon the wholesale price inflation.


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