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5 priceless words of guru nanak dev ji make your life successful

Today is Guru Nanak Jayanti, which is celebrated all over the country. Guru Nanak Dev has given many lessons to remove casteism, unity and brotherhood. These are his five teachings that you should be aware of.

Guru Nanak Dev preached the phrase “Ik Onkar”, which means “God is one.” They can be found anywhere. According to Guru Nanak Dev everyone should be treated with love and respect.

The following are the five evils: Guru Nanak Dev Ji named five evils: ego, anger, greed, attachment and lust (kama). When a person is free from these five evils, he is closer to God.

Equality: Guru Nanak Dev Ji never discriminated against anyone on the basis of their caste, religion, ethnicity, color or economic conditions. He freely gave his food and property to the needy and never left Guru Nanak’s house empty handed. As a result, everyone should exercise their authority respectfully. The poor and needy should get all possible help.

Women should be respected:- In the light of crimes against women in modern times, we have forgotten the teachings of Guru Nanak. He has also mentioned this idea in one of his songs. Women should be treated with respect. He did not believe in gender discrimination.

Service means selfless service, or service to others regardless of personal gain or greed. Service, according to Guru Nanak, was the source of unlimited spiritual fulfillment. When one engages in service without the intention of profit, he becomes attuned to his higher self and attains peace of mind.




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